About Us

About Us

Why did I start my business?

Hitomi Fujiwara started Fuji Cometic Ink and is a certified semi-permanent make up artistry specializing in 3D microblading technique and scalp pigmentation after completing courses and training from Phibrows Academy in Los Angeles and eyeliner and machine shading in Japan.


She was born in Japan, I came to the U.S. in 2010 to study English and Finance. She changed her career to start her own business because her passion is to help others to create and transform a natural look for her clients’ eyebrows, eyeliner, and scalp.


What drew her was her own experience of camouflage and hair restoration from a scar on her forehead which was visible, and she had a slight complex. She struggled to find someone that would understand her frustrations, so she decided to do her own research for herself and with skills, knowledge and training previously in Japan. Her training leads her to PhiBrows Academy, she was very excited and confident with her skills that she wanted to share the same feelings to others who also struggle with certain beauty imperfections. She is dedicated and a perfectionist in delivering and creating a custom and natural look. Pays close attention to details in her work which she prides herself on. Hitomi is always updating her techniques and provides the latest microblading and Semi Permanent Make-up methods.


Hitomi’s goals are to learn and pursue diverse techniques to provide the best results that suits the clients’ needs. She is creative at heart and uses her skills & knowledge to deliver exceptional results. Hitomi credits her success to her family and friends for their love and supports.

My Speciality

  • 3D microblading, semi-permanent make(eyeliner), shading eyebrows
  • Delicate strokes for the appearance of real hair.
  • To create and improve the shape and balance to eyebrows.
  • Scalp Pigmentation (Hair line and Scar camouflage)


  • Safest products on the market