We use our own detailed technique and make your life much easier!

Baby eyeliner

Baby Eyeliner is used between the eyelashes for those who want that outline to make your eyes stand out.

Decorative eyeliner

For those who want a bolder, more “done-up” look, the Decorative Eyeliner is thicker with wings on the ends. Using super-fine nano needles, the sharp wings are created in a way that most people find difficult to do with make-up themselves.

Perfect for People who:

-want bold, dramatic eyes
-can’t draw on eyeliner well
-worry about their eye makeup smudging
-want to minimize their morning makeup

To Get the Best Outcome

Cosmetic Art is spread out over 2 to 3 visits. If a thick line is created on the first visit, it could end up looking too harsh. So, we recommend a short first visit, creating a thin line initially. We would make the line thicker on the second visit, shaping it to match what you want. (Of course, if you want a thick line on your first visit, we can accommodate you.) Then, touch-ups can be done on a third visit.

We have many different styles of eyeliner.

We will provide you with the best design based on what you want.
-For those who want their eyes to stand out more, werecommend the Baby Eyeliner, filling in the spaces in between the eyelashes.
-For those who want a more “done-up” look, we also have the Decorative Eyeliner, which is thicker with upturned wings on the ends.

Eyeliner maintenance can be kept up with 1 visit every 3 years.
Session visits: 1-3 times
Usually, the procedure can be done in 2 visits.

Even if you can’t decide on the thickness and length of the line, we start thin and during the touch-ups, we can thicken and lengthen as much as you’d like.


How much swelling will there be after the procedure?

As we are working on tender and delicate areas of the skin, there will be some swelling after the procedure. In most cases, it is similar to the puffy eyes you get when you’ve cried, so most people don’t take too much notice.

When will the swelling go down?

We recommend not scheduling anything important for a day or two after the procedure. The amount of swelling will depend on how you feel the day of your procedure, so we recommend getting a good night’s sleep the day before. We also recommend bringing a hat and sunglasses the day of, so you won’t be too self-conscious about the swelling.

Who shouldn’t do cosmetic art?

If you have any of the conditions listed below, please consult your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Please let your cosmetic artist know about your condition.
-pregnant or nursing
-regularly seeing a doctor due to illness or injury
-have had eye surgery or surgery around the eye
-undergoing chemotherapy
People with sensitive skin should also let their cosmetic artist know.

Procedure Step-by-Step Guide

1. Counseling

You will discuss what you want to have done, and what your ideal eyeliner look like.

Microblading Consultation

2. Tattoo Peeling

We will remove any accumulated dirt and dead skin. If the skin is not properly exfoliated, infections can occur from inserting the blade into the dermis. This is done with tools made from natural materials.

PhiBrows gallery

3. Design

There is a balance to consider with one’s facial morphology and the golden proportions. This balance is carefully taken into consideration when the brows are designed and shaped in small millimeter increments, so that they beautifully complement your face. (I have set aside 1 hour for this consultation, so you have time to consider exactly what you want.)

Microblading Design

4. Procedure

The procedure is done using a medical stainless steel blade and FAD approved ink, together with anesthetic cream.

Microblading Procedure

5. Adjustment

In order that you may be completely satisfied, minute adjustments are made before it is all the thickness and shape of the eyeliner.