What is Microblading?

Microblading is a fairly new and innovative method of enhancing eyebrows. It is semi-permanent makeup but unlike traditional techniques that use a machine, microblading is done by hand using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the epidermis. The color is closer to the surface so the strokes appear crisp and more natural. There is no spilling under the skin.

Gorgeous Brows that Look Good Even Make-up Free

Microblading is a completely different technique from traditional cosmetic tattoos, using super-fine needles to place hair strokes on to look like they are naturally growing. To create the design and shape of the brow, we measure your eyes, nose, mouth and forehead and using the Golden Ratio method (geometric measurements used to calculate the most symmetrically beautiful face) we design your perfect brows based on this data. Our salon’s microblading takes into account your lifestyle and your preferences when styling your brows. The colors we use are custom-made and so because you get your own unique brows, they look good and natural even if you’re make-up free.

What is Shading?

This is a technique that can be combined with microblading for a wider variety of designs. By adding shading to the strokes used in microblading, the brows have more depth. By using shading, the brows can look more symmetrical for those who have uneven left and right brows (and who doesn’t!).

Check out this great video. It gives you a good idea what to expect during your 2-3 hour microblading treatment.

Microblading is great for people who:

-plucked their brows too much
-can’t draw on their brows well
-suffer from hair loss
-expect to undergo hair loss due to chemotherapy
-want to shorten their morning beauty regimen
-have uneven brows

Microblading is a great solution because it:

-looks natural even when you go make-up free
-lets you take showers or go swimming without worrying about it coming off
-is easy to maintain gorgeous brows with only 1 other visit a year
-is safe because it uses plant-based ink


Is it painful?

—-The level of discomfort is different for different people, depending on your tolerance of pain and how your condition that day. For sensitive people, we recommend taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen before the procedure.

How many sessions are needed?

——The level of discomfort is different for different people, depending on your tolerance of pain and how your condition that day. For sensitive people, we recommend taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen before the procedure.

Healing after the first session takes about ten days. Initial redness will fade and any darkness of the eyebrows will lighten. As the color sets in, it will lighten over the next few weeks.

Four to six weeks later, there is a one to two-hour second session for touch-ups. The touch up session is necessary to adjust the color or thickness to provide you with complete satisfaction.

How long will it last?

—–We recommend annual retouching, but usually your eyebrows should keep for about 2-3 years, when they will start to fade. However, depending on your skin type – especially oily skin types – the fading can come earlier.

Who should not do Microblading?

—-People who suffer from alopecia or other hair loss conditions can benefit greatly from microblading.

  • 心疾患・高血圧の方
  • 癌治療終了後の方
  • 抗凝固剤・ステロイド使用中の方
  • 自己免疫疾患をお持ちの方


  • レーザー・光治療をしている方
  • 大きな手術の直後の方・施術部位に傷跡がある方
  • 皮膚疾患症状が施術部位に出ている方


  • 妊娠の疑いのある方、妊娠中の方、不妊治療中の方、授乳中の方
  • 施術箇所に皮膚疾患がある方
  • 感染症(AIDS・C型肝炎・B型肝炎)・血友病の方
  • 糖尿病
  • レーザーを用いた施術

Procedure Step-by-Step Guide

1. Counseling

You will discuss what you want to have done, and what your ideal brows look like.

Microblading Consultation

2. Tattoo Peeling (starting Nov 2018)

We will remove any accumulated dirt and dead skin. If the skin is not properly exfoliated, infections can occur from inserting the blade into the dermis. This is done with tools made from natural materials.

PhiBrows gallery

3. Design

There is a balance to consider with one’s facial morphology and the golden proportions. This balance is carefully taken into consideration when the brows are designed and shaped in small millimeter increments, so that they beautifully complement your face. (I have set aside 1 hour for this consultation, so you have time to consider exactly what you want.)

Microblading Design

4. Procedure

The procedure is done using a medical stainless steel blade and FAD approved ink, together with anesthetic cream.

Microblading Procedure

5. Adjustments

In order that you may be completely satisfied, minute adjustments are made before it is all finished, to perfect the thickness and shape of the brows.

Microblading Adjustments